JÄNNÄ is a pet project of mine. It’s a collection of kids’ fashion for both girls and boys. The idea is to mix style and comfort without having to compromise on either. I have paid special attention to designing all the pieces so, that the sizes “stretch” as far as possible. A piece can, for example, be first worn as an oversized dress and later on as the child grows, the garment will work as a tunic.

As a mother of two boys, I’ve never had the chance to process my underlying need for getting tiny pink and frilly things for someone other than myself ( well, sure I did, when the boys were babies, but time just flies…). Probably due to this fact, a majority of JÄNNÄ is quite girly, but I’m working on evening the score later on.

Valikoima JÄNNÄä on nyt saatavilla verkkokaupasta täältä!

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